NEBOSH IGC Questions and Answers

NEBOSH IGC questions and answers

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You would love the tips that we have to offer to tackle the NEBOSH IGC questions and answers. It is necessary to discuss the answering techniques with NEBOSH model and recommended questions. Even though the overall pass percentage is quite low on an all India basis, students of Redhat Safety do succeed in getting NEBOSH distinction grades. This is due to continuous effort in giving the right guidance.

In the NEBOSH IGC questions and answers, there are a lot of Command words used like- define, give, explain, suggest, complete, describe etc. These command words are used in the NEBOSH IGC questions and answers to check the student’s level of understanding of the subject and their demonstration skill.  Some samples are disussed below:

The term “Give” is used to ask to define, mean, type or give example: For instance:

  1. Question:Give the meaning of the term “safety”?

Answer: The absence of risk of serious personal injury.

  1. Question:Give the three uninsured costs that might happen during workplace accidents?


Production delays

Loss of raw materials

Sick pay for injured workers

Overtime to make up for lost production time

The term “Identify”, in the Nebosh will normally ask types, reasons or else categories in syllabus.

  1. Question: Identify three types of legal duties that the employer has to comply with?


  1. To provide a safe work place
  2. To provide a safe system of work
  3. To provide a safe work equipments

Another term which we would like to mention is “Outline”. The common error is that the examinee starts explaining the key features. The correct way is to simply mentioning them.

  1. Question:  Outlinethe common duties of employees.


  • Reasonable care : To take reasonable care of themselves and others’ safety
  • Reporting of hazards : To report to the supervisor regarding imminent hazards, if any found
  • Co-Operate with employer: To co operate with the employer to fulfill the legal duties.

Revision of NEBOSH IGC questions and answers will be useful only if you learn to answer to the point rather than be generic.

Example question paper and Examiners’ feedback on expected answers:




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