Are You Looking for Safety Jobs in Abu Dhabi? Must read this

The OHSAD Recently announced its system to make sure the competency of OHS Practitioners.

As per which, the OHS Practitioners working within the Abu Dhabi governmental region or the OHS Professionals interested to work within the Abu Dhabi region, must hold relevant membership.

If you are looking for Safety jobs in Abu Dhabi, It’s better to have a look at the types of membership levels and the way of achieving them.

What is OHSAD?

The OHSAD – Abu Dhabi Center for Occupational Safety and Health, the Centre that works With Abu Dhabi Government to assist and oversee in the health and safety legislative Implementations and Development

Established in: 2010

Official Website:

Introduction to Membership:

The Abu Dhabi Centre for Occupational Health and safety regulatory framework implemented the Mechanism 8.0 OHS Practitioner registration.

As per which all the OHS Practitioners and OHS Auditors must enroll in Quodrat System.


 How IOSH Membership will help you to Achieve OHSAD OHS Practitioner registration:

The IOSH membership levels are considered as a part of OHS Practitioner registration. The Equivalency details are mentioned below


IOSH Membership Grade Qudorat Equivalency
Category  Type  Class
 Chartered Member (CMIOSH)  OHSMS or OHSEMS  OHSMS Generalist or OHSEMS Generalist  A
 Graduate Member (Grad IOSH)  OHSMS or OHSEMS  OHSMS Generalist or OHSEMS Generalist  B
 Technical Member (Tech IOSH)  OHSMS or OHSEMS  OHSMS Generalist or OHSEMS Generalist  C


You Can Contact Our HSE Tutors for more assistance on Achieving HSE Qualifications and membership levels.

Download the Complete Guide of OHSAD OHS Practitioner Registration here:

Are You Looking for Safety Jobs in Abu Dhabi? Must read this
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This is to familiarize you with the way Nebosh exam is packaged. By attending, your mentors and trainers will also be able to assess how much more you need to review and guide you to a successful result


The National General Certificate is divided into three units, the first two of which, IGC1 and GC2 are assessed by written exam. In order to maximize your point earning potential you need to understand how scores are generated. Remember:

  • Each exam lasts two hours
  • Each consists of 10 short answer questions and one long answer question
  • The short answer questions are each worth eight marks, and the long answer question is worth 20 marks
  • Time wise, this means that you should give yourself eight to 10 minutes for the short answer questions and 20 minutes for the long answer question. Our delegates tell us they find it useful to take their own watch into the exam and have it visible on their desk to help keep track of time
  • All questions are compulsory. 


Watch a variety of YouTube videos of these central topics—because that will have a lasting image on your memory. Keep watching videos for few weeks. There are lots of them.

Remember the steps. I used to make a lot of acronyms for some standard questions like about steps how to assess risks and risk assessments. It is worth trying if you forget points. Eg SREDIM for task analysis. S for Select the task R for records the steps and so on.

5)Remember to answer short, precise to the point and to the command word that is asked. Always see the COMMAND word.


  • Prepare a self-notes by your own , to keep in touch with the key points and trainers guidelines,
  • Try this technique during the nebosh classes and during your nebosh exam preparation too.


  • Nebosh sets a number of keywords in the exam technique, to assess the candidate’s level of understanding and to conduct the quality of examination too.
  • Understand the usage of keywords is essential to score high marks.

Some of the keywords you should remember is that,

  • Define − Provide a generally accepted definition
  • Describe − Give a detailed word picture
  • Explain − Give a clear account of, or reasons for
  • Give − Provide without explanation (normally used with the instruction to give an example, or examples of…)
  • Identify − Select and name
  • Outline − Give the most important features (less depth than either ‘explain’ or ‘describe’ but more depth than ‘list’)
  • State − A less demanding form of ‘define’ or where there is no generally accepted definition.


Prepare mind map for all the chapters which aids you in remembrance of the entire book during revision days and state examples from the experience which boosts your marks.


Mnemonics is an excellent technique which will ensure  the number of key points and obviously it will prevent you from the on time memory loss during the examinations.

Example: To Remember the types of Guards in Machines:

FIAT – Fixed guard, Interlocked Guard, Adjustable Guard , Trip switch.

Each and every chapters in nebosh, there is a number of Mnemonics which is really most important in your exam preparations .


The NEBOSH Certificate exam is positively marked, with points awarded for the correct application of knowledge, rather than deducted for incorrect answers. Therefore, if in doubt, have a go! You really don’t have anything to lose.

This means that it’s your job to make it as easy as possible for the examiner to find places to award you marks. Keep writing legible, with clearly numbered answers (if a question consists of different sub-sections make sure you number each sub section and address it separately within your answer e.g. 1a, b and c) and provide an answer for every question (although you may want to “warm up” by starting with those that you feel most confident about, rather than working chronologically through the paper).


Days immediately prior to the exam are not the time for reading through reams of notes with a highlighter in hand. As the date approaches you should concentrate on condensed excerpts that you can actually commit to memory. Use your own revision cards to create these, or purchase revision cards to augment with your course notes. Remember, minutes of concentrated learning will prove more valuable than hours of reading that you can’t later recall.


Take the pressure off yourself by alleviating the potential for niggling anxieties. Make sure you’re equipped with pens and a watch and that you’ve double checked the exam date, time and location and are fully briefed with travel arrangements. Do this thoroughly, and then put it out of your mind, so that you can better concentrate on the        substance of the exam.


You will also look at past papers as part of   NEBOSH Certificate course. These are obviously the best way to assess the type of questions that you will face. Moreover We also recommend that you take the opportunity to sit a mock exam in its entirety prior to the actual exam as this will help you understand how much time you have per question, as well as allowing you to practice writing for a significant length of time.

Contact Our Expert Course Advisers Now to Get More Personalised Career Support

Call Now : 90 03 05 99 77  / 73 58 00 02 53



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NVQ Diploma

How to achieve the job in European countries?

Nowadays huge HSE Vacancies are available in European countries. But unfortunately most of the HSE professionals are targeting gulf region. Why not you will try for European nations?

What are the qualifications required to enter in European countries?

1. Nebosh International Diploma- Level 6

2. British Safety Council Diploma – Level 6

3. NVQ Diploma Level 5

4. Grad IOSH, CMIOSH – Membership

5. Lead Auditor Qualification

6. Bachelor Degree

7. Nebosh IGC 

How to get Visa?

If you are from outside the EU and want to work in a EU country, you will most likely need a work permit as well as a visa.

In order to find out if you qualify, visit the work permit section of the official government site of the country you want to work in. Don’t use any of the consultancy services that claim they can get you into the EU, as long as you pay. These tend to only charge you and won’t get you anywhere.

Here are some links for EU government sites where you can find out more:







Switzerland (Not in the EU!)





Contact Our HSE Advisers in Watsapp or Call : 90 03 05 99 77

How to achieve the job in European countries?
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NEBOSH Course in Dubai

NEBOSH IGC Training in Chennai – What is NEBOSH IGC

What is NEBOSH IGC :

NEBOSH IGC ( International general certificate) is an level 3 qualification awarded by NEBOSH, Which has an wide scope in health and safety .and the syllabus covers the entire health and safety topics from the Health and safety policy , selection of contractors to control of various hazards in workplace (Noise, vibration , radiation , fire, chemical etc.)

What is NEBOSH International Diploma :​ 

NEBOSH International Diploma is an level 6 ultimate Qualification awarded by NEBOSH IGC, which covers in-depth knowledge in every industrial areas and also includes syllabus about advanced research techniques into health and safety like HAZOP, Fault tree analysis , Event tree analysis etc etc.
  1. Nebosh certified candidates shall become an Associate member in International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).
  2. The New Syllabus of NEBOSH International Diploma | Nebosh igc training in Chennai

What is NEBOSH HSW :

NEBOSH Health and safety at work  is an entry level qualification awarded by NEBOSH , and will be more suitable for freshers starting their career into safety and wish to get entry into the sectors.

Who Can do NEBOSH IGC Course :

Now a days the NEBOSH Qualifications are mandated even for professionals involved in managerial level even-though they do not have direct responsibility of managing safety in the workplace.
Health and safety qualifications  are having huge value for professionals willing to work in hazardous industry and legal requirements are making HSE Training as must even from workers level to ultimate director level.
Either you wish to work in health and safety sector or seeking an promotions in Health and safety field or else working in any kind of designation in to industry (wish to learn safety); You Can Join.

When NEBOSH IGC Results are declared :​

​Normally Best NEBOSG IGC Course in India results are declared after 65-70 days from the examination date.
The Results will be sent directly to the email of candidates from the respective NEBOSH Course Provider (Red hat safety Training & Consulting)​

How long NEBOSH IGC Courses will take :

 NEBOSH Requires minimum 10 days class room training for NEBOSH International general certificate (For NEBOSH Diploma level it will vary) and must be attended by the delegates in order to understand the syllabus and examiner expectations.

Will ten days enough for Passing NEBOSH Exam :

It depends , on the potential of candidates, every individuals are designed in unique nature. Our NEBOSH Approved Tutors will give you an hands on training, that guide you to pass the exams.
That’s why ; we have unique designed class room training with extended hours, , In which you can request for : Nebosh igc training in Chennai with Unlimited Training.

What is NEBOSH Unlimited Training : Check out the Link for details

When to Study NEBOSH IGC Course :

Our NEBOSH igc training in Chennai batches starts every month and in which you can enroll as per your convenience. To know the available batch commencement dates and more details about syllabus

How NEBOSH Examinations are held ?​

NEBOSH Examinations (both NEBOSH IGC & International Diploma) are held in the control of British Council.
For both IGC 1 & GC 2 Theoretical exams ​, the examination hours would be 2 hours.  ( and Extra 30 minutes for the candidates from non English speaking countries)

Where to Study NEBOSH :

Red hat safety Training and Consulting offers NEBOSH IGC , and NEBOSH International Diploma qualifications In Chennai, Tamil Nadu , India and United Arab Emirates. 
Contact Our HSE Advisers in Watsapp or Call : 90 03 05 99 77 
NEBOSH IGC Training in Chennai – What is NEBOSH IGC
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How to Conduct Safety Audit ?

When You are working into safety field , irrespective of your designation safety officer, safety engineer or safety manager. You must be familiar with “Safety Audit strategies” and the way of conducting It.
Unless & Until You Knew “What is Safety Audit “ and their application , You could never execute it in right way. 
What is Safety Audit ? 
How To Conduct an Safety Audit ? 
For all these above mentioned Questions , You will get an answers in these Post. 
What is Safety Audit ?
Systematic examination of total health and safety management system , that looks for objective evidence in order to identify the Gaps or Deviations with in the Health and safety Management system. 
Normally the deviations are identified in three ways, 
  • The Current Health and Safety Performance compared to the organisation Goals 
  • The Current standards exist in the work place with comparison to the Organisation Safety Standards (Already If Derived) 
  • The Workplace Health and safety practices , systems with comparison to the legal requirements set by the government. 
  • The Current Health and Safety standards with Comparison to the external interested parties requirements (Like Insurance companies , parent Companies , etc) 
How To Conduct an Safety Audit ?
To Conduct an Successful Safety audit , You must be familiar with Health and Safety standards , industrial hazards , legal requirements , the requirements of External interested parties applicable to the company , the different elements of Health and safety management system and more. 
In Real time , the safety auditors are following  different strategies to identify the deviations , how ever the main purpose is to identify the deviation with in the system comparison to the application Health and Safety requirements. 
Simply , You Could never carry out an successful Safety audit with insufficient information , and You must collect an Objective evidence about the organisation health and safety standards and performance. 
Which Can be Collected through, 
  • Physical Observation of Workplace to identify hazards and deviation from standards 
  • Interviewing relevant personal including managers and supervisors , for seeking verbal evidence 
  • Analyzing Health and safety documents , records and procedures which includes absenteeism records , maintenance records , risk assessment ,accident investigation records , health and safety training records , safety committee records , HSMS Manual , near miss records , employee complaints records , legal register and more. 
What Is Gap / Deviation from the Standards :
The Gap / deviation from the standards are simply , 
  • Insufficient performance Compared to the Goal / aim of the organisation (Planning 50 % reduction in accident rate and achieving only 20 %) 
  • The Lack of actions to meet the legal or other requirements (Example expired fire license for an factory) 
The Safety auditors must identify all the gaps within the company , be cross comparison of different evidences collected through physical observation, verbal interview, analyzing documents and records.
How To become an Safety Auditor ???? 
What is the Mandatory Qualification for Safety auditors ? 
Get an personalized Guidance from our “Safety Trainers Today”
How to Conduct Safety Audit ?
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