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Safety course in chennai

When can the candidate receive his/her result?

On completion of Safety course in chennai and with regards to written examinations, the written result notification date that is to be received by the candidate is stated to be present on the entry confirmation of the candidate’s examination. Assessments which are certificate practical assessment level are to be taken as written examination within 14 days, so as to include practice results along with written exam results. All results which would also include written assignments are to be received from submission or examination date within ten weeks. However, result notification on completion of Safety course in Chennai and exam would not be offered through telephone, under any circumstance because of the candidate’s results being of confidential and personal nature.

How grade and overall qualification mark gets calculated?

For this, at the time of joining Safety course in Chennai, one can consult appropriate  qualification guide’s assessment result section. Here, the person can get more details with regards to relationship between grades and marks. It is on qualification that it may vary upon.

Result notification –what does it display?

Result notification is likely to display result for every paper or unit (either Refer or Pass) and paper mark or unit for all papers or units which taken up during exam sitting. In case, candidate has achieved from previous sittings results showing overall qualification, then grades and overall result would be shown by the letter.

Again, if units or papers are taken separately, after every sitting, Result notification letter is likely to get issued.

Resit candidates are marked by ‘high mark’ and displays very high marks which is obtained in examinations taken all over.

Is it possible for employer or sponsor to check candidate’s results?

On completion of Safety course in Chennai and getting the results, these are regarded to be ‘personal information’ and come within the purview of the 1998, Data Protection Act.

Availing Red Hat Safety career, the candidate is sure to enjoy getting plenty of opportunities to excel in his career and to make the most of it.

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