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The NEBOSH National Diploma has been recognised for many years as a leading qualification in the field of health and safety in the UK, providing the specialist knowledge and understanding, combined with the application of the expertise required to undertake a career as a Safety and Health Practitioner.  The NEBOSH International Diploma will fulfil the same objectives in other countries around the world.

What kind of people take the NEBOSH International Diploma?

The NEBOSH International Diploma is the qualification for aspiring health and safety professionals building directly upon the foundation of knowledge provided by the NEBOSH International General Certificate.  It is designed to provide students with the expertise – wherever in the world they may be working – required to undertake a career as a safety and health practitioner.

NEBOSH International Diploma Syllabus:

Unit IA: International management of health and safety Element

IA1: Principles of health and safety management

Element IA2: Loss causation and incident investigation

Element IA3: Measuring and reviewing health and safety performance

Element IA4: Identifying hazards, assessing and evaluating risks

Element IA5: Risk Control

Element IA6: Organisational factors

Element IA7: Human factors

Element IA8: Regulating health and safety

Unit IB: International control of hazardous agents in the workplace

Element IB1: Principles of chemical control, toxicology and epidemiology

Element IB2: Hazardous substances and other chemicals – assessment of risk

Element IB3: Hazardous chemicals – engineering controls and personal protective equipment

Element IB4: Monitoring and measuring

Element IB5: Biological agents

Element IB6: Physical agents 1 – noise and vibration

Element IB7: Physical agents 2 – radiation

Element IB8: Psycho-social agents

Element IB9: Musculoskeletal risks and controls

Element IB10: Work environment risks and controls

Element IB11: Managing occupational health

Unit IC: International workplace and work equipment safety

Element IC1: General workplace issues

Element IC2: Principles of fire and explosion

Element IC3: Workplace fire risk assessment

Element IC4: Storage, handling and processing of dangerous substances

Element IC5: Work equipment (general)

Element IC6: Work equipment (workplace machinery)

Element IC7: Work equipment (mobile, lifting and access)

Element IC8: Electrical safety

Element IC9: Construction hazards and controls

Element IC10: Workplace transport and driving for work

Element IC11: Pressure system hazards and controls

Unit ID: Application of international health and safety theory and practice

What is to be done, if candidate not satisfied with examination or course conduct by course provider?

In case, the candidate feels that the course provider offering NEBOSH international diploma course in Chennai is not up to his/her satisfaction level (for instance, tuition quality, learning support quality, getting access to useful learning resources, venue, administrative arrangements and the like). Firstly, the candidate is suggested to contact course provider, before going ahead with the complaint procedure. Complaints procedure can be availed, in case, problem is not resolved.

What happens if candidate is at a disadvantage due to temporary indisposition, injury, Illness, or any adverse circumstance during examination time?

In such a situation, candidates can apply for special consideration through their NEBOSH international diploma course in Chennai provider after assessment is over, but within 7 working days of date of assessment.

If the candidate’s assignment or script is lost, what happens then?

The accredited NEBOSH international diploma course in Chennai providers of Nebosh are said to follow rigorous procedures for ensuring that the completed examination scripts, assignments and practical assessments are provided with appropriate security, which includes using special tracked delivery for scripts which are sent to NEBOSH. But if a candidate’s assessment script gets lost, then NEBOSH would ensure that he/she is not at disadvantage. It is on case by case basis that each case is likely to get reviewed and allow candidate to avail reassessment or reexamination at no extra cost. But after NEBOSH international diploma course in Chennai result is recorded and script gets lost, then results would not get affected. Candidates are suggested to hold hard or electronic copies related to submitted work and to have their assignments submitted to Nebosh through Special or Recorded Delivery.

When can the candidate receive the Nebosh International Diploma certificate?

Qualification Parchments and Unit Certificates are issued generally within result declaration of 2 calendar months as stated on Result Notification letter. One month window is included, where EARs (Enquiries About Results) could be made. With regards to unitised examinations of NEBOSH international diploma, students are provided the opportunity to inform the course provider, if they are eager to re-sit instead of accept successful grade or result.

Hence, for NEBOSH international diploma certificates, two month turnaround is required for issuing certificates before EAR end process (which is to apply thirty days and for processing forty working days).

Is Redhat Safety diploma affordable?

The international RedHat Safety Diploma fees is about Rs. 1,25,000, the certification of which when availed on successful completion offers candidates value worth the investment.

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