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Redhat safety Training & Consulting Pvt Ltd , Is an One of the largest Health and safety Training Institute in India offering NEBOSH Courses in Chennai with NEBOSH Accreditation.

Every Industries are Making NEBOSH International General Certificate and NEBOSH IGC International Diploma Qualifications as mandatory to work in HSE Designations.

The Industries Believes that the Professionals achieving Nebosh Qualifications are having potential and enough competence to work in Health and safety Departments.

If you are an Student looking for career in health and safety or else HSE Professional looking for widening your career through promotions, Nebosh Safety Training Institute India would be an ultimate choice.

NEBOSH Qualifications designed with real industrial issues in mind and Our NEBOSH Tutors are most familiar with both examination and practical situations in mind.

Which ensures your Quality of training while attending NEBOSH Qualifications with red hat safety.

We understand , you do have a lot of common doubts and confusions before selecting your NEBOSH Qualifications , and that’s the reason we have answered most of the questions that you common hse professionals have related to NEBOSH Courses in Chennai.

What is NEBOSH ?

NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health) is an U.K Based Independent Examination board offering Vocational qualifications in Health and safety , environmental Sectors.

NEBOSH IGC Was founded in 1979 and they are offering wide range of Health and safety courses from entry level to expert level in HSE.

NEBOSH Qualifications are accepted internationally and not to emphasis , Now a days it is becoming mandatory qualification for every HSE Professionals.

What are all the Qualifications Offered by NEBOSH ?

NEBOSH (U.K) Offers range of NEBOSH courses in chennai Qualifications in health and safety depends on the number of factors and each course is designed with real industrial issues, and level of competence required for the designation in mind.

Some of Popular & Important NEBOSH Qualifications offered by NEBOSH are,

How to Pass Nebosh course?? Read Related Our article that helps you click blow link:

Which NEBOSH Course is Best for You :​

​T​he choice of course is depends on number of factors like,
  • Your Basic Qualifications
  • Your years of experience in HSE
  • Your Objectives and Purpose of Choosing Qualifications
  • The Requirement of the Company you are Preferring
  • The Sectors you are willing to work with Etc Etc.

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Do Freshers Can take NEBOSH IGC :

NEBOSH Have not set any Criteria for taking an NEBOSH IGC , any one can choose , but make sure before you are selecting your NEBOSH IGC with any course provider ( Whether they are accredited with NEBOSH Courses in Chennai).
NEBOSH Qualifications are designed with real-time workplace in mind and it contains full of examples in each section, which can ease your understanding.
If You worry about the syllabus , examination methods and way of passing It, Don’t worry , Our NEBOSH Courses in chennai Approved Trainers will guide you out of it.
NEBOSH Courses Qualifications are not easy and you must make some efforts to achieve It.
If You worry about Jobs , We too Guide you for that,

NEBOSH IGC Syllabus:

NEBOSH International general Certificate contains three units with in It. (Namely IG1 , IG2 ), All the two units must be passed by an student in order to achieving this qualification.

Unit IG1: Management of health and safety

Unit IG2: Risk Assessment

The Syllabus for UNIT wise as follows



Element 1: Why we should manage workplace health and safety.

Element 2: How health and safety systems work and what they look like.

Element 3: Managing risk – understanding people and processes.

Element 4: Health and safety monitoring and measuring.

Question paper:

(one 20-mark question and ten 8-mark questions)

 Minimum Unit Tuition time : 36 Hours
 Recommended Private Study time : 23 Hours


Element 1: Physical and psychological health.

Element 2: Musculoskeletal health.

Element 3: Chemical and biological agents.

Element 4: General Workplace issues.

Element 5: Work equipment.

Element 6: Fire

Element 7: Electricity 

How to Pass NEBOSH IGC : 
Passing NEBOSH IGC requires right mentoring and guidance and more than that your selected provider must be accredited with Nebosh course in chennai, in order to ensure the quality of NEBOSH Tutor and book materials.
For all our Candidates, we ensures the Special Training that includes,
​Types of Command words ​Applicable to NEBOSH Courses exams and How to use them wisely
Mnemonics that applicable to each, How & where you can apply them
Mind Mapping strategy and How to use them to pass NEBOSH IGC.
​Techniques and technological option that boosts your understanding with NEBOSH Exams more and more.

If You are more Confused about, Click blow link 

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How to answer and what are all the answering techniques to pass NEBOSH
​and any other doubts related to NEBOSH Exams and its patterns ,
Book the Demo Class & Get the Complete Details​

NEBOSH Course in Chennai UK Certificate Courses:




Khalith Mansoor
I really enjoyed the teaching of staff means easy understating, simple method of teaching with examples and had good experience they shared study materials like old question papers and some of the answers relevant answers given by old students and even staffs are reachable any time.
Nivi Mohanraaj
I have already done my Lead Auditor course here, now i am doing my Nebosh IGC, in future any guidance or anything related to HSE i will only consult RED HAT SAFETY. Rajatamilselvan Sir is the best.
Ram Kumar
NEBOSH IGC Trainings are excellent here, especially training and study oriented class rooms and nearest accommodation facilities,and study materials , guidance,and the atmosphere of feel free queries about subjects and exam writing patterns and all really excellent as my experience.Thanks and I'm suggesting to anyone wish to do NEBOSH IGC just... approach and you will get high confident and experience,thanks again.

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