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Wide Scale Job Tie Ups

We are connected with 27 placement agencies and more than 100 companies.

Very Popular Social Networking Site

Our FB group- HSE JOBS AND INFORMATION has one lakh members. Redhat Safety Training and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. directly deal with all job related information.

Comprehensive Study Material

Redhat Safety not only helps you get a job but also helps you do the complete requisite documentation. Nebosh course in chennai Redhat Safety has painstakingly uploaded all the documentary formats, for eg, HSE Plan, Risk Assessment, Permit System etc. in its website. You just got to log in the website and download them. Inspite of this, any student getting stuck, we prepare the documents and send them back within 48 hours. Redhat Safety is like a mentor for the candidate till he retires.
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24/7 Accessibility to the Best

Redhat Safety Training and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Scholar in Safety, having a vast experience in this domain, is always available for guidance and help.

Success is Sweet

Redhat Safety has the highest pass rates in the Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Saudi. This is because we have the best faculty that this field has to offer.

We do not Reject Failures

Redhat Safety NEBOSH course in Chennai welcomes with open arms those candidates who have taken up the training from other institutes but have not been successful. We retrain these resit candidates and extra efforts are put to understand their weak areas and help them pass. This is done without additional charges.

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