In a nutshell, NEBOSH is a professional health and safety qualification awarding body.

What Exactly Is NEBOSH?

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) provides internationally recognised qualifications in health and safety, as well as risk management. NEBOSH qualifications are specified in a significant number of health and safety employment advertisements, demonstrating the high quality of NEBOSH courses and training. Everyone taking a NEBOSH training course through Redhat safety will benefit from a broad range of industry knowledge and experience thanks to Redhat safetyexperienced and highly qualified tutors.
  • What exactly does NEBOSH stand for?

    National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is a UK awarding organisation that provides professional qualifications in health, safety, and environmental management.

  • What NEBOSH courses are there?

    A variety of NEBOSH courses are available to meet a variety of needs and requirements and we at Redhat stand first in a row.

National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH)

The most popular health and safety qualification in the UK is the National General Certificate in Construction Health and Safety. Holders will have better career prospects and the ability to apply for IOSH membership if they are specified in a significant number of health and safety employment advertisements.

  • What exactly is NEBOSH training, and why is it necessary?

    NEBOSH, as an examination board, provides a syllabus and exams to training providers. NEBOSH courses are diverse and cater to all levels of employees in a variety of workplaces. The courses provide globally recognised qualifications such as the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety or the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, both of which are excellent first steps toward becoming a fully qualified health and safety professional. At Redhatthere are also qualifications available for Construction Safety, Fire Safety, and Risk Management.

  • What are the requirements for NEBOSH?

    The NEBOSH National General Certificate and the NEBOSH International General Certificate do not require any prior health and safety knowledge, but they are a good starting point for those wishing to progress to the NEBOSH National Diploma. The National Diploma is a Level 6 qualification, which equates to a full honour’s degree.

  • What exactly is the NEBOSH Diploma?

    The NEBOSH Diploma is a degree-level qualification that meets the academic requirement for Graduate IOSH membership and is designed for those interested in working as professional health and safety advisors. The NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is designed for health and safety professionals who want to advance their careers or pursue postgraduate studies. Employers from a variety of industries value it highly, we at Redhat happy to be a part of it.



An accredited training provider for NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma courses. You have access to a wealth of training resources as part of our NEBOSH courses. You can scroll through page after page of useful and meaningful course materials, which include interactive questions, animations, and video content to keep you engaged. All our NEBOSH training courses include downloadable course content for student use. This fantastic resource allows you to successfully study for your exams and is supplemented with assistance from our expert tutor team at Redhat.


Should you study a Certificate or Diploma? Which NEBOSH course should I take?
The NEBOSH Certificate courses are intended for people with little or no experience in health and safety. NEBOSH Diploma courses are intended for those who have prior knowledge or experience with health and safety management. Redhatteam Training is either broad in scope or narrowly focused on specific areas of health, safety, environmental, and risk management.


Professionals can obtain NEBOSH certification in Health, Safety, and Environmental Risk Management.

NEBOSH Training Programs

NEBOSH courses are divided into three levels. There are three levels of certification: Award, Certificate, and Diploma. We focus on providing Certificate and Diploma training. As your safety needs change, you can progress through each level, gaining the skills needed to operate safely within any business and within the bounds of the law! Courses leading to NEBOSH health and safety qualifications attract approximately 35,000 applicants each year, with exams administered in over the countries worldwide. Relevant professional membership bodies, such as

  • Occupational Safety and Health, recognise NEBOSH qualifications (IOSH).
  • The International Institute of Risk and Insurance


NEBOSH courses are evaluated through in-person examinations and/or assessments developed by NEBOSH's own professionally qualified staff. External examiners, the majority of whom are Chartered Safety and Health Practitioners (CMIOSH) working in industry, the public sector, or law enforcement, also assist with assessment. A Qualification and Technical Council, comprised of representatives from national institutions, oversees the technical standards.


The NEBOSH National General Certificate is a great place to start if you want to start a career in health and safety management or if you want to formalise previous training. It's a Level 3 qualification, which is an equivalent to A Level.

  • International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH)

    The NEBOSH International General Certificate course focuses on how to implement health and safety management in the workplace. The course has a high pass rate, and those who complete it can apply for membership in the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) or advance to the International Diploma.

  • Introduction to Incident Investigation NEBOSH HSE

    The NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation course teaches people how to conduct an incident investigation on their own, as well as create and implement an action plan to help prevent a recurrence.

  • The National Occupational Safety and Health Examination Board

    NEBOSH, which stands for "The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health," was founded in 1979 as an independent examining board and awarding body with charitable status. A comprehensive range of globally recognised, vocationally related qualifications designed to meet the health, safety, environmental, and risk management needs of all workplaces, both private and public. NEBOSH training courses are recognised for their high quality and are becoming more widely accepted as the de facto industry standard for safety requirements around the world.

  • International General Certificate from NEBOSH (IGC)

    The NEBOSH IGC is the world's most widely recognised health and safety qualification. This qualification was designed and updated with the assistance of thousands of leading experts and organisations. This means it is intended to reflect the needs of today's employers, providing learners with everything they need to know and do to make their workplace safer.

  • Why Should You Get a NEBOSH Certificate?

    Choosing to start a new course can be intimidating, especially if you haven't studied a formal qualification since high school or university. Naturally, you want to ensure that the time and money you invest will be worthwhile. At Redhat, go over the benefits and drawbacks of NEBOSH qualifications to help you make an informed decision about whether that next course is right for you.

  • How does NEBOSH get evaluated?

    NEBOSH courses are evaluated in the same way that classroom-based courses are. To take the exams, you must go to a registered examination centre in person. Depending on your chosen course of study, you may also be required to complete a practical report.

  • Where can I learn about NEBOSH eLearning courses?

    NEBOSH eLearning students on every continent, offering the learning.Our courses range in difficulty from Certificate to Diploma. We have extensive experience assisting students from the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With additional bases in the UAE and South Africa, we can effectively support many students in neighbouring countries.Redhat operates in the global market and has a local presence or offices in several countries, with health and safety training associates located all over the world.This means Redhat can assist you in achieving your career objectives regardless of where you live. Redhathas tutoring experience in all the countries listed below, and we are constantly expanding on the strong relationships we have built over the many years.

  • Progression in Your Career

    Because NEBOSH courses are regarded as the gold standard for health and safety professionals, they are inextricably linked with career advancement. According to the 2016 NEBOSH jobs barometer, which provides insight into the health and safety employment market by reviewing career advertisements Ninety percent of health, safety, and environmental work postings mentioned one or more NEBOSH qualifications

  • Increased Understanding

    NEBOSH qualifications provide an awareness and solid understanding of what is expected of you as a health and safety expert, allowing you to meet changing health and safety demands and mentor and develop those around you. The INSHPO framework identifies six key areas of knowledge that every health and safety professional should possess, all of which are covered by a NEBOSH qualification:

    • Dangers and risks
    • Risk management
    • Management of safety and health
    • Professional function and role
    • The technical, human, and social sciences that underpin them
    • Management sciences as a foundation.
  • Improved abilities

    Working in health and safety necessitates influencing employees at all levels of an organisation, including senior management, middle management, supervisors, frontline workers, and external agencies. Personal and professional skills are essential for developing relationships with key decision makers and fostering a positive safety culture throughout your organisation.By connecting with and educating their colleagues, the most effective health and safety professionals can influence and change behaviours. It is critical to be able to communicate with people in all employmentrolesto encourage an open flow of feedback that can be used to track and improve performance.

  • Legal Obligation

    Working in health and safety means you have one overarching goal: to protect workers and ensure they return home safely. This isn't just a moral obligation; there are also legal obligations for employees, managers, and organisations.A fundamental component of any NEBOSH qualification is the legal framework for health and safety. You'll learn the main legal requirements for health and safety in the UK, allowing you to ensure that your company and employees are meeting their legal obligations.