Nebosh IDIP Exams: Know how to crack in first attempt

Here in this post, I have gathered all important points and areas which you must focus on for effective preparation of NEBOSH International Diploma examinations. 

Most of the NEBOSH International diploma   How to pass NEBOSH International Diploma students often confused about “Passing strategies of NEBOSH Diploma examinations”.

Some students passing with Distinction,

Some students failing with fewer marks and even by scoring single digits.

What makes the real differences, when comes to international Diploma examinations.

The Saddest information, by analysis we found, is

Most of the students preparing for NEBOSH International Diploma examinations are not even made conscious efforts to know the syllabus & examiner expectations. 

Before exploring the secrets of NEBOSH International diploma examination, I would like to remind you one quote well said by Albert Einstein, 

NEBOSH International Diploma Exam Tips
NEBOSH International Diploma Exam Tips

Tip 1: Learn “What NEBOSH International Diploma is Actually” 

Before starting your sailing, You must know “What actually sea is”. 

So I would strongly recommend you to download NEBOSH International Diploma syllabus – 2015 Specification” 

Read carefully each unit and sub-elements, to keep your preparation related to the exam. 

For number of applications, you can use “NEBOSH International Diploma syllabus” guide, some of them are, 

  • You can Cross verify NEBOSH International Diploma book materials provided from NEBOSH Course provider are updated & in line with the new syllabus. 
  • If you might have enrolled a year ago, and still in the preparation of NEBOSH International Diploma exams preparation, you can mark the syllabus excluded, which can help you to save a lot of time & efforts. 
  • You Can also use it for “revising the units” by checking out the amount of content; you can able to remember by the titles & subtitles of the element. 

Free download: NEBOSH International Diploma syllabus- November 2015 Specification 

Tip 2: Know the “Reason for failure” 

Every failure come up with new lessons


If you haven’t learned from your failure or the failure of others, probably you are preparing to fail. 

There are number of reasons for the failure in International Diploma exams, some of them are, 

  • Rote learning: Memorizing and committing the same. 
  • Lack of application of Command words: Not knowing how to form your presentation 
  • Lack of time management: Not answering the questions by overrun of time
  • Illegible handwriting: You don’t need to be best, but at least keep it understandable
  • Misunderstanding of questions: Answering the perception and making irrelevant answers to the question.  

Some make sure you are following the tips.

Tip 3: Know the Command words:

Command words are magical words, that help you to change your way of presentation for each question in NEBOSH International Diploma examinations. 

NEBOSH Sets Command words, to check the level of demonstration ability of the students, in the application of learned knowledge. 

Nor like NEBOSH IGC, In NEBOSH International Diploma we have around 20 command words, 

  • Analyse 
  • Assess 
  • Calculate 
  • Comment 
  • Compare and Contrast 
  • Consider 
  • Define 
  • Demonstrate 
  • Describe 
  • Determine 
  • Discuss
  • Distinguish
  • Evaluate 
  • Explain 
  • Give 
  • Identify 
  • Justify 
  • Outline 
  • Recommend 
  • Review. 

Remember, Application of command words alone will never give you the success. You must be familiar with the technical content in order to score the marks.


  • First Prepare the Content 
  • Revise 
  • Learn “Command words Strategy”
  • Write Model exams 
  • Apply the command words 
  • Consult your tutor on Changes. 

Free Download: NEBOSH Official Command words Guide 

Tip 4: Get the Examiner Reports: 

NEBOSH International diploma examiner reports are officially published by NEBOSH, to assist NEBOSH Students. 

The NEBOSH International Diploma reports are helpful in following ways, 

  • You can identify previous year questions from each element 
  • You Can able to understand “What actually NEBOSH Examiners” are expecting,
  • You Can also found common mistakes done by other candidates, 
  • By the collection of last 8-9 Years, you can get to know the patterns of question from each element. 
  • You can self-evaluate your mock papers. 

Free Download: NEBOSH International Diploma examiner reports


In this post, I have given you must actions, for passing Your NEBOSH International Diploma examinations, 

However, Your Success depends on following factors, 

  • The Level of Understanding in Each element 
  • The Skills & Ability of Tutor or mentor in the assistance of your preparation 
  • The Number of mock exams you are appearing for, 
  • The Quality of materials & range of past papers you accessed with. 

Redhat Safety Training & Consulting keeps the best to assist in your success. 

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