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You are in the page of “Freshers Health and Safety Course Guidance to choose right safety” ; It’s awesome to knew that you are analyzing prior to selection of Your HSE Qualifications.
In Past 30 Years of experience in health and safety , i found that most of the candidates are struggling to choose there health and safety course HSE Qualifications and by unluckily most of their decisions are wrong.
and Of Course If You seek any advice , It’s Your responsibility to ensure there expertise in the same field.
If You are asking Your Career Suggestion to an Person m they must be qualified enough or must knew the field,and relevant pros and cons.
Even in this developed social networks and developed countries, still most of the students are having insufficient guidance or access to right mentors to drive there career in positive way.
That’s why , we decided to make an separate article  that guide you to select your safety courses , especially when you are fresher.

As Mentioned in the Earlier Post ‘How to become an Safety Officer’ ; the choice of safety course is depends on three major Criteria.

  • Your Profile (Education & Experience)
  • The Type of Industry You Prefer
  • The Country You are living or willing to work with.

And More Importantly , Our Safety Experts Suggestion would be ;

  • Analyse the Number of Vacancies in Your Particular Region and check out the employer Preferred Qualifications.
  • Do not prefer specialized programs earlier like ( the course confined to specific Industry like Oil and Gas ) due to there confined job opportunities.
  • Make Sure the Safety Course you are selecting having an wide industrial Opportunities and More importantly approved by Your National Government.

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