The BSS Diploma course, an initiative promoted by the Government of India is an acronym of Bharat Sevak Samaj. This BSS Diploma course has been started by a national development agency by the help of the Planning Commission of the Government of India. This is a step taken to enable individuals to contribute in the shape of a co-operative attempt to implement the National Development Plan. The constitution and the operation of the BSS are approved by the Indian Parliament.

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This BSS Diploma course has been widely acknowledged and recognized overseas, attested by the Indian Consulate, accepted and recognized by the Gulf countries and the Western European countries. A remarkable feature of this course is that verifications of the certifications can be done through their website. This certificate could be registered in the Employment Exchange, if desired. The detailed list of the different BSS Diploma courses and their duration is mentioned below:

​List Of Safety Diploma Courses (Govt) :
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering
  • Diploma in Fire and Safety methods
  • Diploma in Fire man technician
  • Diploma in Sub fire station Officer
  • Diploma in Electrical Safety
  • Diploma in Construction Safety
  • Diploma in Environmental Safety
  • Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Diploma in Health , Safety and Environmental management
  • Diploma in Fire and Construction Safety Management
  • Diploma in Offshore Safety
Mode Of Study : Regular / Distance / Part time / Fast Track
Certificate : 

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