Chemical Plant Processing and Safety Management Course in Chennai

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The Advanced Diploma in Chemical plant processing & Safety management course in Chennai is designed and initiated by Bharat sevak samaj , which is promoted by government of India. 
The accidents in process industries are day to day increasing ; and the single process deviation can result in catastrophic accidents. 
Topics Covered in Process safety Diploma :
  • Introduction to HSMS 
  • International legislation & their applicability 
  • Chemical plant processing hazards and Controls 
  • Radiation hazards and risk control 
  • Fire and explosion hazards and control 
  • Chemical safety and Legal applications 
  • Run away reaction and Controls 
  • Plant design and safety features 
  • Industrial chemical wastes and methods of control 
  • Safe handling and storage of chemical 
  • Hazardous waste management 
  • Storage , reception and transport of dangerous goods 
  • International regulation applicability and standards 
  • International Hazard control systems and More. 
Who Can take this Course :
  • An student wants to Initiate their Career into Chemical Industries 
  • An safety officer and safety engineer seeking advanced knowledge 
  • Safety Managers and HSE Consultants 
Mode Of Learning :
Regular / Part time / Distance
Course Approvals : 
  • BSS, Promoted by Government of India 
  • National development agency , India 
  • Ministry of external affairs 



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