Nebosh Training in Chennai

 Nebosh training in chennai

Knowing details about the examination conducted

Why avail NEBOSH training?

NEBOSH training in Chennai is becoming popular among students in India and abroad. The reason for its popularity is that their qualifications is recognized the world over. This course can be availed by those who are currently working in local and national government organizations and different types of industries.

Is it possible to have registration fee to be transferred to another sitting?

It is not possible to have fee transferred for any reason once the candidate has paid for NEBOSH training in Chennai. The candidate is likely to be marked absent at exam sitting. Also, for the next examination sitting, there is need for full payment to be made. if the absent is due to medical reasons, then there are provisions to  have up to 70% of the registration fees to be refunded back to candidates.

Can the examination registration fee be refunded, if candidate is unable to attend for any unforeseen circumstances?

After enrolling for NEBOSH training in Chennai and paying up registration fees, generally, refund claims could be made within a period of one month following date of exam. On acceptance of application, refund can be made about 70% of fee (for covering administration costs) at Nebosh’ discretion. It is determined case by case basis.

Can the candidate avail special consideration if absent due to unavoidable circumstances?

Candidates undergoing NEBOSH training in Chennai can make applications for special consideration, in case, examination in part is missed out because of some unforeseen, unwanted situation that takes place with them, but is not valid for full examination absence. However, adjustments made are likely to be of minor in nature for safeguarding overall marking standard as well as to not unfairly make other candidates at disadvantage. It is for this reason students who complete NEBOSH training in Chennai and is absent for about 25% of time allowed  is suggested to have the examination re- taken at later date.

How long is the course?

On undertaking NEBOSH training in Chennai, it is the course provider, who decides the duration of the course. Apart from this the qualification selection also determines the duration.

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Nebosh Training in Chennai
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