NEBOSH Past Papers

NEBOSH Past Papers

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Practice makes a man perfect. When revising for the NEBOSH examinations it is advised you look through the NEBOSH past papers of questions. This will help you to get a better understanding of what the exam questions would look like and how the questions are laid out. It would prepare you mentally what to expect rather than handling something absolutely new in the exam hall.

A range of NEBOSH past papers are available on the NEBOSH website.  All the NEBOSH past papers for each unit dates back to 2011. Solving these NEBOSH past papers as part of your revision work, would help you work your way through the past paper questions using your course materials, revision notes, and preparing relevant answers. You may keep these answers as part of your revision notes so you can read through them at a later date.

A couple of weeks before the day of the exam it is recommended that you download these NEBOSH past papers and print them off so you can test yourself in an realistic exam scenario. Set three hours free and find a quiet spot where you can work through the questions. After the time is up, you may assess your performance.

Did you have enough time to answer the questions fully? Was there any topic that needed more revision? Were you able to plan your answers for the essay style questions? This self-assessment will allow you to focus your revision on key areas before the exam and will give you better time management on the day of the exam.

Some NEBOSH past papers are discussed below:

Q: Life cycle analysis (LCA) is growing in importance in environmental management:


  • Outline the principles and key stages of LCA. (4)
  • Outline TWO situations where an LCA study may be of benefit. (4)
  • It has been seen that generally these type of a questions are not well answered. Candidates make the usual mistake of writing the entire life story of the LCA but very few would write substantially on how LCA is carried out.
  • Some examinees write in detail, the differences between the products that they would have mentioned and furnish a comparative picture but what is required are two types of illustrations for example: use of LCA in analyzing the design of the product and the other could be manufacture to reduce the overall impact to the minimum.

Q:  Outline the arrangements that should be in place for storage of waste at the producer’s own premises under the Duty of Care for waste under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990.


It has been observed that this question is appropriately answered on most occasions giving a clear picture of the arrangements. What could be avoided are the details given by some candidates about the offsite arrangements and the paperwork connected with the transfers which are not necessary al all.

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