Nebosh International General Certificate

How is the certificate availed from Nebosh useful?

With NEBOSH international certificate, candidates can prove of having completed the much prestigious course and qualification from NEBOSH. These are stated to be valuable documents, which are to be kept in safe place. Academic institutions, professional bodies and employers might want to view overall Qualification Parchment or Unit Certificates as evidence to check the candidate’s achievements.

If certificate gets lost, what is to be done?

In case, the candidate loses his/her NEBOSH international certificate, or if it has been not received or got stolen, the replacement certificate provided by the institution gets marked as ‘reissue’ being printed with reissue date. But, similar to that of the original one, the NEBOSH international certificate reference number would remain the same. On reissuing the parchment or certificate, original copy of the certificate becomes invalid automatically. If stolen or lost original certificate gets presented at the institution at a later date, then it would be deemed to be not valid.

Before accepting any further repeated reissue requests from accredited course provider or same candidate, then it is likely to get investigated and only on being satisfied that reissue would once again be provided. But, if any negligent or fraudulent activity gets found, then this incident would be treated as inappropriate and a malpractice and reported to appropriate authorities.

With regards to NEBOSH international certificate, which includes reissues and corrections, the policies of the institution are to be referred to that can be found on the official website.

Consequences of false claims of holding Nebosh international certificate

Nebosh is known to keep appropriate records of candidates having appeared the examination and of being awarded a qualification. Every Qualification Parchment and Unit Certificate is said to have several anti fraud and anti forgery features, which includes unique identifying number, which enables the institution to have the candidate’s details to be cross checked. Recruitment agencies and employers who are interested to verify prospective candidate’s NEBOSH international certificate and qualification can take the assistance of Nebosh. But, if any candidate is found to obtain a job by falsifying qualifications, may be instant reason for dismissing the concerned employee under the 1996 Employment Rights Act for serious misconduct. Moreover, under Fraud Act 2006, false claims of having qualification would also mean Nebosh reporting these cases to police and offer evidence for supporting prosecution.

How Red Hat Safety programs help the candidate?

As per a survey conducted by ASSE members, it is the insurance, manufacturing, service industries, government and consulting firms, which have been hiring candidates having successfully completed the Red Hat Safety programs.

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Nebosh International General Certificate
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