Nebosh diploma course in Chennai

Nebosh diploma course in Chennai

Accessing personal information

Under Data Protection Act, is the candidate eligible to check his/her marked examination script?

According to Data Protection Act of 1998, Nebosh adheres to this policy, where they are not obliged legally to render access any or all examination scripts of students undergoing Nebosh diploma course in Chennai. As per Data Protection Act, Para 9 Schedule 7 states “Personal data comprising of recorded information by students during professional, academic and other examination is exempt”.

Result not matching expectations. Can the candidate check marked examination script?

In case, the candidate on completing Nebosh diploma course in Chennai and on giving examination finds results not to match his/her expectations, then the EAR (Enquiry About Result) board can be requested, within a month of the result being issued.

Can feedback be availed on performance for assisting future improvement?

On joining Nebosh diploma course in Chennai and for further assistance with regards to exam technique, candidates can consult tutor or appropriate appendix present in Nebosh Guide. However, other awarding bodies do not offer feedback on performance of the individual.

Are scripts the student’s intellectual property?

Intellectual property is not generated by any student while availing Nebosh diploma course in Chennai and completing examination script. This is because, Patent Office states, “Anything performed for answering or setting examination is not intellectual property.”

Under Data Protection Act, is the candidate entitled to check his Diploma assignments?

The awarding bodies at Nebosh are not legally bound to offer access candidates undergoing Nebosh diploma course in Chennai, to assignments after it is submitted. No comments or information is present in marked assignments, where improvements could be attained.

Nebosh from 31st March 2007, no longer would return completed assignments for National Diploma’s Unit D to students. Summary mark sheets would be given to students and advised to keep submitted materials’ electronic copy or paper for maintaining own records.

How to apply for subject access request?

All individuals under the 1998 Data Protection Act can request personal information copies held both electronically and manually. The individual undergoing Nebosh diploma course in Chennai would be offered all information with Nebosh searching the existing databases.

How helpful are Red Hat Safety training staffs?

The training team at Red Hat Safety is qualified assessors and trainers. Candidates are assisted with all aspects related to safety training. The safety trainers are all industry experienced with Grad IOSH and FIOSH and can train well.

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Nebosh diploma course in Chennai
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