How to Conduct Safety Audit ?

When You are working into safety field , irrespective of your designation safety officer, safety engineer or safety manager. You must be familiar with “Safety Audit strategies” and the way of conducting It.
Unless & Until You Knew “What is Safety Audit “ and their application , You could never execute it in right way. 
What is Safety Audit ? 
How To Conduct an Safety Audit ? 
For all these above mentioned Questions , You will get an answers in these Post. 
What is Safety Audit ?
Systematic examination of total health and safety management system , that looks for objective evidence in order to identify the Gaps or Deviations with in the Health and safety Management system. 
Normally the deviations are identified in three ways, 
  • The Current Health and Safety Performance compared to the organisation Goals 
  • The Current standards exist in the work place with comparison to the Organisation Safety Standards (Already If Derived) 
  • The Workplace Health and safety practices , systems with comparison to the legal requirements set by the government. 
  • The Current Health and Safety standards with Comparison to the external interested parties requirements (Like Insurance companies , parent Companies , etc) 
How To Conduct an Safety Audit ?
To Conduct an Successful Safety audit , You must be familiar with Health and Safety standards , industrial hazards , legal requirements , the requirements of External interested parties applicable to the company , the different elements of Health and safety management system and more. 
In Real time , the safety auditors are following  different strategies to identify the deviations , how ever the main purpose is to identify the deviation with in the system comparison to the application Health and Safety requirements. 
Simply , You Could never carry out an successful Safety audit with insufficient information , and You must collect an Objective evidence about the organisation health and safety standards and performance. 
Which Can be Collected through, 
  • Physical Observation of Workplace to identify hazards and deviation from standards 
  • Interviewing relevant personal including managers and supervisors , for seeking verbal evidence 
  • Analyzing Health and safety documents , records and procedures which includes absenteeism records , maintenance records , risk assessment ,accident investigation records , health and safety training records , safety committee records , HSMS Manual , near miss records , employee complaints records , legal register and more. 
What Is Gap / Deviation from the Standards :
The Gap / deviation from the standards are simply , 
  • Insufficient performance Compared to the Goal / aim of the organisation (Planning 50 % reduction in accident rate and achieving only 20 %) 
  • The Lack of actions to meet the legal or other requirements (Example expired fire license for an factory) 
The Safety auditors must identify all the gaps within the company , be cross comparison of different evidences collected through physical observation, verbal interview, analyzing documents and records.
How To become an Safety Auditor ???? 
What is the Mandatory Qualification for Safety auditors ? 
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How to Conduct Safety Audit ?
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How NVQ Diploma helps Your Career ?

National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) is another set of opportunities open for people

who are looking out for job avenues in health and safety. You could already be employed

or planning to start a career in health and safety. Either way you could decide to get

qualified and carry out your responsibilities in a more conscious manner. Learners like

doing this course because they can do so without giving up their present job. NVQ

Diplomas are based on the national occupational standards, which are standards and

statements of performances that describe what competent people in a particular

occupation are expected to be able to do. They mostly cover the entire aspect of an

occupation, including current best practice, the ability to adapt to future requirements

and the knowledge and understanding that underpin competent performance.

How NVQ Diploma helps Your Career ?
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An Freshers Guide : To select Right Safety Course

Hey , Welcome to Red hat safety Training & Consulting Page.
You are in the page of “Freshers Health and Safety Guidance to choose right safety Course” ; It’s awesome to knew that you are analyzing prior to selection of Your HSE Qualifications.
In Past 30 Years of experience in health and safety , i found that most of the candidates are struggling to choose there HSE Qualifications and by unluckily most of their decisions are wrong.
and Of Course If You seek any advice , It’s Your responsibility to ensure there expertise in the same field.
If You are asking Your Career Suggestion to an Person m they must be qualified enough or must knew the field,and relevant pros and cons.
Even in this developed social networks and developed countries, still most of the students are having insufficient guidance or access to right mentors to drive there career in positive way.
That’s why , we decided to make an separate article  that guide you to select your safety courses , especially when you are fresher.
As Mentioned in the Earlier Post ‘How to become an Safety Officer’ ; the choice of safety course is depends on three major Criteria.
  • Your Profile (Education & Experience) 
  • The Type of Industry You Prefer
  • The Country You are living or willing to work with. 
And More Importantly , Our Safety Experts Suggestion would be ; 
  • Analyse the Number of Vacancies in Your Particular Region and check out the employer Preferred Qualifications.
  • Do not prefer specialized programs earlier like ( the course confined to specific Industry like Oil and Gas ) due to there confined job opportunities. 
  • Make Sure the Safety Course you are selecting having an wide industrial Opportunities and More importantly approved by Your National Government. 
Need More Guidance , Speak to Our Safety Trainers Today !
An Freshers Guide : To select Right Safety Course
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How To become an Safety Officer ?

The Safety Officers are responsible for preventing accidents, disease and environmental impacts from the industrial activities. Hiring safety Officers , safety engineers is an legal responsibility that every companies must adhere to.

 How To Become an Safety Officer ?,,

Most of the Students or Professionals , having this common doubt, hence there is no exact answer for this Career Question.

That’s Why “Our Red hat safety Training & Consulting” group decided to create an Guidance over.

Now a Days , from different departments , sectors and academic profile , the students and professionals are starting their career into safety.


But , Most of them are not familiar with the base guidelines , which they must understand to become an successful safety Officer irrespective of there profile.


The  exact answer for the question is , there are multiple ways to become an industrial safety officer and the right path is mainly decided by the country You are willing to work with.


For Example : As per the section 40 – B of the Factories act , the safety officers must have mandated qualification in  industrial safety , and the course must be approved by Indian Government.


But , when it comes to Singapore , The Candidates must hold an qualification approved by Ministry of Man power and the profile must be approved prior to starting there employment.

Apart from Educational criteria fixed by the government , certain multi national companies also develops and follows there own standards , with unique profile preferences.

Finally , If You wanted to become an Safety Officer ,

  • You must knew the Government expectations on Qualification and Profile
  • You must Knew the Type of company , You are willing to work with
  • The Country You willing to work with.

Need More details or Would like to become an Safety Officer , but confused about right qualifications , criteria and eligibility .

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How To become an Safety Officer ?
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